Thunder-APR Mechanism
Defi 3.0: The higher the TVL, the higher the APR
Traditionally with Defi, a pool with higher TVL will have lower APR as more people share the same rewards. We will break this logic by using our own Thunder APR mechanism:

Thunder-APR Mechanism: double TVL, double APR

Our Thunder-APR Mechanism is designed from the ground up to enable maximum rewards for our users. Whenever the Total Value Locked (TVL) in the platform increases, the APR also increases. For example: 10% TVL growth, 10% APR growth, and double TVL, double APR
This creates a strong incentive for participants to not only participate in the farm, but also stay in it. As the TVL increases and the public becomes aware of the doubling APR rewards, we expect word to get out fast. Because of the unique reward mechanisms, word-of-mouth marketing should explode the token growth, while rewarding people that maintain liquidity on our platform.
Last modified 17d ago