THOREUM is World First Liquidity Mining Coin with Static Rewards. Better than Safemoon and other meme coins, Thoreum has many innovative features that help users earn & win bigger.

Main Features

Limited Supply With Liquidity Mining

THOREUM is a limited supply coin with many utilities, hard capped at 5 Billions total supply, with 3 Billions burned at the start.

Unlike Safemoon and other meme tokens that all supply can be bought on the market, THOREUM is a coin like BTC, ETH... with initial supply of just 500 millions, so investors need to mine to get the rest 1.5 Billions THOREUM coins.

To mine THORERUM with an environment friendly method, unlike BTC and many others that are using too much power to mine, THOREUM is using "Liquidity Mining" instead: a user can mine THOREUM by staking other coins such as BNB, BUSD, ETH... or by staking liquidity pairs such as BNB-BTCB, BNB-ETH...

The mining process will happen in about 50-90 days or longer, after all 1.5 Billions THOREUM is mined, no more coin for liquidity mining and people need to buy to own THOREUM.

Automatic Rewards to Holders

When THOREUM is transferring, a 12%-14% tax fee is taxed with each transaction. Of which, 4% is redistributed to existing THOREUM holders.

THOREUM is now has the Biggest holder rewards: 40% / transaction rewarded to existing holders automatically. How is this possible? With 9/10 supply locked in high APR pools, the remaining 1/10 supply kept in wallet gets full 4% holder rewards, equivalent to 4% x10 = 40% holder rewards.

Those who decide to hold their THOREUM are rewarded from those who sell, so this mechanism encourages holders and discourages pump and dump traders. Holders are incentivized to hold their coin because their holding will increase over time. And even if THOREUM investors take no action, they still collect additional THOREUM just by holding it.

Double Staking Rewards

THOREUM is the first token of its kind to offer double staking rewards using our special "Thunder Boost" pools: Place your THOREUM in one of our "Thunder Boost" earning pools to earn 3rd-party tokens such as BNB, BUSD,... Even now THOREUM is not in your wallet you still continuing to collect your automatic holding rewards as if the coin is still in your wallet, plus you continue to earn the staking rewards in Thunder Boost pools.

Fee-free 3rd party Farming Rewards

Unlike Safemoon and other coins of its type, THOREUM is the first reflective token that you can farm in other yield farms tax-free using our special "Thunder Alliance" mechanism. We are partnering with reputable farms that known for their safe, non-rug pull environment, so you can stake THOREUM and earn their tokens without paying 10% deposit/withdraw/harvest tx fee like Safemoon and other reflective tokens. You can see Thunder Farm as an example of this mechanism.

Automatic Buyback and Burn: THOR Thunder

We called the Thoreum contract THOR, and the automatic Buy back and burn is his Thunder

As mentioned previously, there is a 12%-14% transfer tax on each transaction, the 10% transfer tax will be sold to get BNB through the contract automatically. Every time the total of this transfer tax exceed 50,000 THOREUM the contract will automatically sell 50,000 THOREUM for BNB and adding to Thoreum's contract. This number (50,000) can be changed depend on the price of THOREUM.

This liquidity will be locked in Thoreum contract, no one, even the dev, can withdraw it, and this liquidity will be used for automatic buy back and burn. It is very beneficial for long term because it keep price level of THOREUM and raises it over time.

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Harvest Lockup

Harvest lockup is a unique rewards lockup mechanism used to limit the frequency of harvest. It is designed to prevent farming arbitrage bots from constantly harvesting and dumping. We even further this mechanism to extend to 13 days to keep people from holding not selling the coin.

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Deposit Fee Redistribution via Thunder Farm

A 4% deposit fee will be charged when users enter staking on Thoreum, we plan to use 50% of presale fund and 50% of deposit fee to add to Thunder farm. Thunder farm is where people stake THOREUM to earn precious tokens like BUSD and BNB.

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Referral Program

An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the farming. Inviters can earn 3% of his/her friends' earnings forever.

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No Migrator Code

The migrator code in the MasterChef contract has been removed.

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Masterchef is timelocked for important functions.

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