Presale is better than fair-launch because it's fair between people and not affected by bots


  1. After you bought $THOREUMPRESAL (presale token), just HOLD it until before farm launch

  2. All $THOREUM presale token you can buy on Pancakeswap is FAKE!

  3. Don't buy or sell $THOREUM presale token on Pancakeswap

  4. Don't add liquidity of $THOREUM presale token on Pancakeswap, it will NOT be usable.

  5. The only way to buy $THOREUM presale token is on https://thoreum.finance/presale

  6. Before farm launch, you can swap your $THOREUM presale token to the Official $THOREUM token for Liquidity mining at the 1:1 ratio.

  7. You can go to https://Thoreum.finance/referrals​ to get referrals link and refer your friend to presale to get 3% of their presale deposit

  8. Please hold $THOREUM presale token and wait for farm launch and swap to our Official $THOREUM token

  9. You can start to swap $THOREUM presale token to Official Farming $THOREUM token on at 1:1 ratio ONLY on https://thoreum.finance/swap

  10. Liquidity mining will start on 21st Jun. You can view the block countdown on https://bscscan.com/ (to be announced)​

Why Presale?

  1. Nowadays, all fair-launch on BSC is destroyed by bots --> presale is actually fairer for people to participate equally without the intervention of bots.

  2. We want more people to own $THOREUM tokens than a few whales with big bags, it is healthier for the growth of THOREUM

  3. The presale price is 1 BNB = 35,000 $THOREUM presale-token (~0.01$/$THOREUM presale-token, given 1BNB=$350). The price is same as CERBERUS presale price (a successful farm that has the same tokenomics as THOREUM) at the first day when their farm opened. CERBERUS went up much higher after 3 days to $0.05 until stabilize at around $0.02.

  4. Pancake listing price 50% higher than presale price: 1 BNB = 23,300 $THOREUM Official Token (~0.015$/THOREUM)

  5. The reason behind this price is that we want all early holders of $THOREUM to have very good returns, so we set a price that can benefit everyone that trusted $THOREUM from the start. We did this for CERBERUS holders ( 5x gains for many people) and we want to do the same for $THOREUM holders.

How Presale?

Presale will be open for 3 days, start date: 14:00 GMT, Sunday, 13th Jun 2021 - 14:00 GMT

Whitelist open until presale ends.

Held directly on https://thoreum.finance/presale, to participate: Connect your MetaMask, enter the amount of BNB you wish to send and click buy. THOREUM presale tokens will be instantly returned via our presale contract. Do not use exchange accounts or don't sent BNB directly presale contract.

The countdown can be viewed on the site.

3% BNB referral reward distributed instantly to referrer wallet via presale contract. Create your referral link on https://Thoreum.finance/referrals​

Softcap: 50 BNB Hardcap: ~6,000 BNB

No Contribution Limit ( you can buy any amount you want)

Max duration: 3 days. If before 3 days hardcap reached we will consider the high demand to open Presale 2 with higher price than Presale 1, or even Presale 3. 40% of the Presale fund will be used for Thunder farming to distribute to THOREUM holders, so it is better for the community if we can raise more fund and satisfy high demand.

Presale details:

Presale 1: to sell 210 Mil Thoreum

Price: 1 BNB = 35,000 THOREUM presale-token (~0.01$/THOREUM presale-token given BNB at $350)

Presale 2: to sell 180 Mil Thoreum

Price: 1 BNB = 30,000 THOREUM presale-token (~0.0115$/THOREUM presale-token given BNB at $350). 15% higher than Presale 1

Presale 3: to sell 110 Mil Thoreum

Price: 1 BNB = 27,000 THOREUM presale-token (~0.0129$/THOREUM presale-token given BNB at $350). 16.3% higher than Listing price.

Pancake listing:

Before farm launch.

Pancake listing price 50% higher than presale price: 1 BNB = 23,300 THOREUM Official Token (~0.015$/THOREUM )

Presale Tokens will be swapped to $THOREUM (Official Token) before farm launch at https://Thoreum.finance/swap with 1:1 ratio.

Before farm launch, we will create Pancake liquidity of $THOREUM Official Token. Liquidity will be created and locked. Evidence will be announced on Telegram & Twitter and liquidity created.​

The presale fund will be used 10% for project dev fund, 10% for liquidity, 40% for Thunder farm fund, 40% for project's marketing fund.

Any unsold THOREUM presale tokens will be burned before the launch on Pancake liquidity.

500,000,000 THOREUM presale-token & 10,000,000 THOREUM airdrop-token will be minted at presale start and distributed as follows;

  • 500,000,000 THOREUM presale-token for Presale

  • 10,000,000 THOREUM airdrop-token for Airdrop

489,507,758 THOREUM has been sold in presale. Then there will be:

5,000,000,000 THOREUM official-token will be mined after presale end and distributed as follows;

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