THOR accumulate BNB for his Thunder

We called the Thoreum contract THOR, and the automatic Buy back and burn is his Thunder
As mentioned previously, there is a 12%-14% transfer tax on each transaction, the 10% transfer tax will be sold to get BNB through the contract automatically. Every time the total of this transfer tax exceed 333,333 THOREUM the contract will automatically sell 333,333 THOREUM for BNB and adding to Thoreum's contract.
This number (333,333) can be changed depend on the price of THOREUM. So sometimes you will see sell order coming from our contract address with 100,000 or 300,000 as some community members reported.
You can come here to check and see the number of BNB that Thor is holding for his Thunder.
This liquidity will be locked in Thoreum contract, no one, not even the dev, can withdraw it, and this liquidity will be used for automatic buy back and burn. We called this release the Thunder. It is very beneficial for long term because it keep price level of THOREUM and raises it over time.
As of Jun-23-2021 21:00 UTC, Thor's Thunder have 1,428 BNB , equal number with liquidity. What does it mean? It means If Thor release all of this thunder THOREUM price will be pumped to X2. Just wait to see more Thor Thunder in action! (This number can increase or decrease in minutes because Thor is continuously buying back and burn in EVERY transaction).
THOR was made to be unpredictable so he cannot be exploited by trader wanting to sell high buy low. In fact THOR is running in a mode that silently & smartly doing his work in the back ground to make sure that short-term seller will be punished and long-term hodlers will be greatly benefited.

Example #1: Jun-22nd-2021 06:01:51 PM +UTC

THOR just released 100 BNB from his THUNDER and burned 2,813,244 THOREUM (
Price pump 30% from 0.006 to 0.0091 in few minutes because of THOR THUNDER effect!
TRUE buy back & burn = 100 BNB buy back & send to Burn Address
Price reaction right after the THOR's Thunder release

Example #2: Jun-24th-2021

THOR released 70BNB THUNDER today, as you can see price cannot go down under $0.009 ! THOR is keeping price floor very well! There will be one day the price floor is $1 , x100 from here!
Price floor keeping up very well at $0.009 because of THOR THUNDER effect