Thoreum’s Higher Static Rewards, Automatic True Burn and Buy Back will reward holders greatly keeping the tokens value elevated, long term.

The purpose of Thoreum is to be to be the world’s first TRUE hyper deflationary token, the best coin for HODLING. Thoreum has a unique mechanism to greatly benefit long-term holders in multiple ways.

Since launch, Thoreum has won over a community of 42,000 loyal holders, who witnessed its price x4 in the past one month with chart movements super healthy & bullish, even during the last period of BTC bearish market. Apart from growth in asset price, Thoreum’s holders have also been rewarded with $13 Million worth of Thoreum as passive income from staking in vaults and keeping Thoreum in their wallet. With such resilient growth and massive profitability, the token has recently become Top 1 most viewed on CoinMarketCap. Thoreum is set to succeed Safemoon as the king of reflection tokens.

The key major advantages over Safemoon is:

  1. Thor's Thunder - the Innovative Buyback & Burn mechanism with 5,000+ BNB buy back & burn fund and growing ~100 BNB day by day.

  2. Thunder Alliance - the Auto Rewards Ecosystem that support Thoreum's price and expansion for a long run.

  3. With advanced technologies never seen before in defi space: MasterChef 2.0 ( multi pool with the same token & dynamic liquidity allocation), Thunder Boost (earn reflection rewards while staking in pools), Thunder Vaults (interest rate increasing based on capital locking period), Thoreum has elevated to the next level, the new Safemoon 2.0.

1. Static rewards: Safemoon 2,5% - THOREUM ☀️40%. Hodl THOREUM in wallet bring 16x Higher Rewards to Hodlers than Safemoon.

🔸Safemoon: 10% transfer tax is split into two parts: 5% to holders (including the Burn Address which holds 50% of total supply), this means in reality only 2.5% of static rewards are returned to genuine, non-burn account, holders.

🔸Thoreum: In other tokens, Burn Address gradually growing bigger and eat up all rewards. With Thoreum, the full 4% of reflection are distributed to genuine holders. This is due to the Burn Address not being included as an eligible account to receive reflection tokens from Thoreum transactions. (The reason this account is not eligible to receive tokens is since the burning is done separately as described below).

🔸Because 90%++ of the total supply of Thoreum is staked in Midgard Pools & Thunder Farms (1,78 Billion Thoreum locked per 1,97 Billion total supply, this is the number as of 22nd Jun 2021) and these pools and farms are excluded from rewards. These 4% static rewards are only distributed to wallets holding less than 10% of the total supply (Circulating = 194M, Total Supply = 1,97B). In reality, if you hold Thoreum in your wallet you will receive at least 10 * 4% = 40% of total static rewards.

2. Burn rate: Safemoon 2.5% - THOREUM ☀️10%. THOREUM burns 4x faster than SAFEMOON.

🔸Safemoon: For each transaction, 2.5% of the transaction is burnt by sending it to the Dead Address, this in turn, reduces total supply, making Safemoon rarer but not necessarily more valuable.

🔸Thoreum: With Thoreum, 10% of each transaction is sold to purchase BNB automatically, which is then put in a reserve. This reserve is then held in the Thoreum contract for buying back and burning (More on this later). This system makes Thoreum both rarer and increases the value of the token at the same time.

🔸10% buy back & burn per transaction is the highest ratio on the whole market, you cannot find any other token that can match Thoreum in this 10% ratio. The reason is Thoreum has no "4% dev wallet per transaction" like some other tokens and focus all the transaction fee to the long term buy back & burn fund which benefit our Thoreum token holders the most!

3. TRUE Burn & Buy Back: THOREUM ☀️1 - SAFEMOON 0.

🔸Tradititonal burning mechanism like Safemoon is NOT TRUE burn:

  1. Burning is a fancy hype word that people like to hear.

  2. The principal behind a burn is that scarcity drives up value and a burn reduces the amount of coin in circulation, which should in turn drive up value.

  3. The only real benefit of sending coins to a burned address is that they are removed from the circulating supply. This means they cannot be sold or dumped again, providing limited benefits to users.

  4. Why then do we not see a steady increase in value in these coins despite the huge burn in circulation advertised?

  5. The answer is; traditional "burning" does not actually increase the value or price per coin!

🔸Why Thoreum Has a TRUE Burn and Automatic Buy Back Mechanic.

  1. 10% of each transaction is spent to buy BNB and store this BNB in the Thoreum contract, we called this store THOR.

  2. For every sale more than 10,000 tokens on the market, THOR uses its stored BNB to place a buy order of Thoreum, which then sends Thoreum immediately to the Burn Address. We call this this buy back and burn Thor's Thunder.

  3. Because THOR used its BNB to buy back Thoreum, it automatically removes coins from the Thoreum-BNB liquidity pool by buying and burning the Thoreum.

  4. It then adds this BNB into the liquidity pool.

  5. This gives an immediate price increase of Thoreum. This price increase triggers more potential buyers in the market.

  6. Unlike other projects with a burn feature, our TRUE burn method sees an immediate price increase as those coins are pulled right out of the liquidity pool, replaced with more BNB and then burned.

  7. This THOR - THUNDER mechanism has a triple acting effect: Reduce Total Supply + Add BNB to Liquidity Pool + Increase Value of Coin Immediately.

Read more about THOR THUNDER here

4. Tax-free Farming: THOREUM ☀️1 - SAFEMOON 0.

🔸When holders of Safemoon and other coins of its type, try to deposit their Safemoon into a farm, each deposit/withdraw/harvest transaction is taxed at a rate of 10%. This transaction tax makes it practically useless to farm with these types of tokens due to the net loss of 20% accrued from depositing and withdraw from the farm.

🔸Thoreum is the first reflective token that you can farm in other yield farms tax-free. This is due to our special mechanism. It is now possible through our Thunder Farms to farm tax free (that’s right, no 10% tax for staking). You are also able to stake in thunder farms with 0% fee for depositing allowing users to enter a Thunder Farms pool without paying any tax or fees to enter and no tax or fees to withdraw their stake also.

We are also partnering with reputable farms that are known for their safe, non-rug pull environment. We shall whitelist their Masterchef from requiring transaction fees allowing users to stake their Thoreum and earn native tokens on other platforms without paying 10% deposit/withdraw/harvest tax fee. This white listing mechanism is not possible with projects like Safemoon and other reflective tokens.

Read more about THUNDER FARM here

5. Thunder Boost: Earn reflection rewards even while staking in pool: THOREUM ☀️1 - SAFEMOON 0

🔸When staking Safemoon and other reflective coins in a farm, holders are unable to receive their static rewards as the wallet owner address of their tokens is not their wallet address after the coins have been staked.

🔸Thoreum is the world first coin of its kind to offer double staking rewards using our special "Thunder Boost" technology. By placing your Thoreum in one of our "Thunder Boost" earning pools you will not only earn 3rd-party tokens such as BNB, BUSD, etc. You will also receive automatic holding reflection reward tokens even though the Thoreum is not in your wallet. Plus you also continue to earn the staking rewards in Thunder Boost pools. Incredible!

Read more about THUNDER BOOST here

6. Liquidity mining = chance for new investors: THOREUM ☀️1 - SAFEMOON 0

🔸 When Safemoon launched, the total supply of 100% of their coins where distributed to the development team and presale buyers. This put these two groups at a significant advantage to those who joined later in the process, including early investors that helped pump up the project. When ‘The Pump’ came development team and presale investors saw increase in the value of their portfolio by 1,000’s of percent. Those who adopted the coin early only saw increase of 5x or 10x their investment.

🔸When Thoreum launched only 25% of the total supply was distributed to presale buyers, the development team has only 2.4%. This left ~75% of the coins undistributed, allowing newcomers a window of 90 to 150 days (may be longer) to obtain their token using Liquidity Mining. This will guarantee that newcomers will still be able to obtain Thoreum at a reasonable price through a fair method of liquidity mining.

HODLers to Benefit Greatly From True Burn, Automatic Buy Back and Many More of Thoreum's innovative features

⚡️The purpose of Thoreum is to be the world’s first TRUE hyper deflationary token. The enhancements that have been made to Thoreum elevate it beyond other reflection coins like Safemoon. Thoreum is the next Safemoon 2.0 coin you’ve been long waiting for.


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