⚡THOREUM token

THOREUM is a deflationary token with many utilities, hard capped at 5 Billions, 3 Bils burned at start, 0.5 Bils initial supply. Investors need to liquidity mining to get the rest ~1.5 Bils THOREUM.

Basic Information

Deflationary Auto Burn

Since the coin is deflationary, the supply keeps decreasing with every transaction ensure limited availability in near future. Deflation comes with burn wallet being one of the holder of THOREUM tokens, hence participating in reflection and auto burning tokens.

Transfer Tax

  • Reflection Rate: 4%-6% of transfer tax will be reflected back to current holders as static rewards.

  • Automatic Liquidity Rate: 8%-10% of transfer tax will be used for Thor Thunder (a special auto buyback and burn mechanism).

  • Total Transfer Tax Rate: 12%-14% of every transfer.

Mining Rate

  • 1000 THOREUM / block

  • Will be reduced at the time that needed based on market situations.

  • 28,880,000 THOREUM / day and gradually reduced to 2,880,000 / day or lower until all coins are mined.

  • 9.09% to the dev team to ensure essential growth of the project

Why THOREUM Has A Hard Cap?

There's a hard cap on the supply of THOREUM, with a burn mechanism making it a deflationary coin.

THOREUM primary function is to become a deflationary utility coin with decreased supply and increased value over time, to incentivize people to mine it, hold it and use it.

What is THOREUM Deflationary Mechanism?

1. Transfer Tax

As mentioned previously, there is a 12%-14% transfer tax on each transaction, the 10% transfer tax will be sold to get BNB through the contract automatically. Every time the total of this transfer tax exceed 50,000 THOREUM the contract will automatically sell 50,000 THOREUM for BNB and adding to Thoreum's contract. This number (50,000) can be changed depend on the price of THOREUM.

This liquidity will be locked in Thoreum contract, no one, not even the dev, can withdraw it, and this liquidity will be used for automatic buy back and burn. It is very beneficial for long term because it keep price level of THOREUM and raises it over time.

2. Other burning mechanisms

  • Developing games for burning mechanisms. Regular token burns are built into many of THOREUM's products (like a high burn rate of up to 100% of THOREUM spent on lottery tickets), with more on the way.

  • New ideas and developments such as Predictions betting in progress

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