🔥MasterChef 2.0

Why Thoreum's MasterChef 2.0 is revolutionizing the traditional yield farm market

The MasterChef 1.0 comes from Uniswap & Pancakeswap

And Thoreum is the first one in the whole defi space ( not only Binance but also in Ethereum, Polygon, Phantom and so on) implement this next level of MasterChef 2.0.

Thoreum masterchef is the first masterchef in the world that can open multiples pool on same token

Before Thoreum, even Pancackeswap the #1 swap on BSC or Uniswap the #1 swap on Ethereum their masterchef have a bug that if two pools with same token are added the whole rewarding system will become a mesh.

Our MasterChef 2.0 is the first MasterChef in the world that can open multiple pools with the same tokens, like THOREUM #1, THOREUM #2, WBNB #1, WBNB #2, WBNB #3... This give users the flexibility to move their fund around to the best APR pool they like.

Thoreum innovate the traditional Masterchef by using a mechanism called Cached Balances

Unlike the original MasterChef which uses the balance of tokens in the contract as the lpSupply, our contract uses cached balances which are updated on each deposit, withdraw and emergencyWithdraw.

This mechanism ensure that many pools with the same token can be open if needed without messing up with each other. This is a new feature that innovate the traditional yield farming business. Why?

In traditional farm when they open 1 pool and that pool's APR become very low, no user deposit any more, they don't know what to do and see user leaving to another farm.

In Thoreum when a pool's APR become unattractive we will open new pool with the same token but higher APR --> customer who hold that coin always have benefit and move to the new pool. Thanks to Thoreum's new MasterChef technology, this loop can be infinite. So customers can have infinite earning and never left Thoreum's farm.

Thoreum masterchef is the first masterchef in the world that can open pool for transfer-tax token like Safemoon. Exploitation-free.

Handling Fee on Transfer Tokens As there are pools with tokens that have a fee on transfer, the actual amount used for deposit calculations is the following:

_amount = afterDeposit - beforeDeposit

This ensures that the token amount received by the Masterchef contract is used as the deposit amount, not the amount specified in the deposit function call.

This mechanism bypass the masterchefs 1.0 function that are using a logic function that not counted the tranfer-fee. So hacker cannot exploit Thoreum Masterchef 2.0 any more like in system that use old masterchef (like in the incedent of Cerberus,Garuda, Lokum, YBear, Piggy, CaramelSwap) regardless that the token deposited can have different transaction fee or not.

All of the farms on market before Thoreum ( launched 22nd June 2021) have the transaction tax bug that make them unable to farm deflationary tokens like Safemoon. Our MasterChef 2.0 enable it for you all. You can see Safemoon and other Deflationary tokens on our our farms at any time soon!

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