️🎊Thoreum v2

Thoreum V2 - a revolution in Defi 3.0

Long term holders of Thoreum have been excited for the mining to be completed, after this point, Thoreum will truly become hyper deflationary, the Thor Thunder account will continue to bump up the value of the token but constant sell offs from users will deplete the available pool of funds over time, and with less power in the account fewer people will be drawn to Thoreum as new investors.

🔥What if there was a way to become hyper deflationary whilst still maintaining and growing our Thor Thunder pool for buybacks, allowing us to grow the value of the tokens for long term holders.

🤑Through our tried and tested partner MVC: with just $200K seller's tax the multi-farm profited $140K in just 2 weeks, or 70% in 14 days, imagine what will happen if 💰Thor's Thunder 8000 BNB💰 is utilized for farming, including investing in new farming protocols like MVC?

🌾We have seen the power of multi chain farming as a way to have our huge store of value working for us full time providing profits which can be used for buy backs and burns. Through this mechanism we can continue to increase the price of Thoreum whilst maintaining our store of 8,000 BNB.

👑Plus, this will give long term holders of Thoreum a great place, once again, to stake their Thoreum and receive directly a share of these profits from multi chain farming, without the hassle of researching more than 300 Defi protocol across 13 chains and the fees for migrating their funds.🏖🍹🌴

💎So rather than a one shot buy back and burn, the Thor Thunder fund will be bridged across multiple chains into high yield staking farms, the profits from which will be brought back to Thoreum, and will be used for systematic buy backs and distribute directly for long term stakers of Thoreum.🔆

Thoreum V2, hyper deflationairy, with the power to unleash the stored potential of Thors Thunder for the long term Thoreum Holders.


So, in brieft, what is Thoreum V2?

  1. Hassle free: You buy on BSC & relax.

  2. Hold to earn: 10% of each buy will be distributed to holders, 10% of each sell will be added for Multi-chain farming fund.

  3. Hyper deflationary: Huge black-hole burn account that accumulate Thoreum each transaction.

  4. Multichain farming: We bring the 8,000++ BNB for multi-chain farming, stake those funds to start generating new income and bring back the rewards to holders.

  5. Continuous Buyback & rewards: Profit will be used to daily buyback Thoreum - increase price - and distributed directly for long term stakers - increase holder's amount.

Thoreum V2 - a revolution in Defi 3.0


🔥Thoreum V1 holders will exchange 1:1 to Thoreum V2

🔥Upgrade plan will be detailed later of how to take 8000BNB out, but basically we need users exchange Thoreum V1 to V2 and after that use that old Thoreum V1 token to sell and take 8000BNB out, there is no other possible way.

🔥Total supply of Thoreum V2 = Total supply of Thoreum V1, no more Thoreum will be minted in anyway

🔥Thoreum V2 will be upgraded with much lower gas fee, like MVC now

🔥Thoreum V2 will utilize 8000 BNB++ to best protocols for multichain farming

🔥Thoreum V2 plan to invest $500,000 USD in MVC to fund MVC's Multi-chain Farming activity.

🔥$MVC will be one of the tokens that Thoreum V2 hold for profit, so all transactions of $MVC will benefit Thoreum V2, and the growth of MVC farming fund will benefit Thoreum V2.

🔥MVC will be the aggressive farming hand of Thoreum V2, while Thoreum V2 with 8000+ BNB farming fund will have various farming strategies with may be lower risk/rewards rates

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