Upgrade plan to v2

A further update to Thoreum v2 tokenomics

Dear Thoreons,

To prepare Thoreum v2 for the next evolution to become a Defi 3.0 Venture Capital, and further benefit our longterm holders as the original spirit of Thoreum and differentiate us from $MVC, $MCC and other FaaS (Farming as a Service) tokens, the following changes will be made to tokenomics:

Stage 1

  1. Each $Thoreumv2 Token represents a share in the profits of Thoreum Defi 3.0 Venture Capital. So owning a $Thoreumv2 is like owning a share in the Thoreum Capital. We do not need the 0.0x price range of meme coins anymore, we need people perceive a Thoreum as a share.

  2. So Thoreum v2 swap rate to Thoreum v1 will be 1 Thorreum v2 = 100 Thoreum v1. The price of a Thoreum v2 will be at 100x the price of Thoreum v1 at the moment of upgrading, which is about ~1.1 USD / 1 Thoreumv2.

  3. Thoreum v2 will rewards user in BUSD instead of Thoreum → in any crypto weather, bear or bull, our users are always benefited, they don't have to fear $BNB or $Thoreum price going down or up.

  4. There will be a function that enable users to compound their BUSD rewards to Thoreum v2 tax free ( no 10-15% buy tax) → users are encouraged to compound the reflection in $Thoreum if they want.

  5. A change in tokenomics: buy fee will be reduced to 10% while sell fee will be increased to 25%

Stage 2 ( this is still in the finalization so it will be announced later):

  1. Upgrade Thoreum ITO to become a Launch pad platform to find the earliest opportunities to invest in.

  2. Bring a new profit sharing model so the longer term the holders are the higher the benefit from Thoreum Capital's profit, not just through buyback & burn.

  3. Bring Thoreum platform to Multi chains.


Important notice: if you still have Thoreum in LPs like Thoreum-BNB, Thoreum-USDT, Thoreum-Cake please break it to get Thoreum back, before Jan 16 2022. After that you cannot break your LP anymore and your Thoreum will be lost forever.

After checking the $Thoreum staked in LPs like Thoreum-BNB, Thoreum-USDT, Thoreum-Cake, Thoreum-USDC, etc. there are still more than $66k. If we upgrade Thoreum from V1 to V2 before users break the LP, they cannot break their LP anymore and their money will be lost forever.

Considering the rights of our customers, to prevent that from happening, we decided to reschedule the upgrade of Thoreum V2 for 1 week, so our Thoreons will have more time to get the news & break the LP.

The new release date will be Jan 16 2022. This is our final notice to holders of Thoreum LPs, after this date the upgrade will happen no matter you break the LPs or not.


The detailed upgrade plan from Thoreum to Thoreum v2.

  1. Thoreum v2 contract & audit (in progress)

  2. Disable v1 buyback & burn to finalize the circulating supply of Thoreum v2 (done)

    1. Total supply of Thoreum v1: 5,000,000,000

    2. Circulating supply of Thoreum v1: 1,843,588,800

    3. Circulating supply of Thoreum v2 will be: 18,435,888 ( 1/100 of Thoreum v1)

  3. Announce Thoreum v2 tokenomics: here

  4. Enable Thoreum v1 to Thoreum v2 swap 1:100, Jan 16 2022

    1. Trading of Thoreum v1 will be disabled, token transfer from wallet to wallet will also be disabled. Liquidity of Thoreum-BNB, Thoreum-Cake, Thoreum USDT LP will not be able to break anymore.

    2. Swap 1:100 portal will be enabled at Thoreum.finance, users start to exchange Thoreum v1 to Thoreum v2

    3. Thor's Thunder 8,300 BNB will be taken out from contract by buyback&burn the Thoreum v1 tokens from (2).

    4. v1 Liquidity in BNB will be drained by selling the Thoreum v1 tokens from (2).

    5. v2 Liquidity will be created using the BNB from (4). Thoreum v2 price will be x100 as Thoreum v1 price at the time of (1).

5. Enable Thoreum v2 trading, Jan 16 2022

6. Enable Thoreum v2 marketplace for EpicHero, Jan 17 2022

7. Deploy treasury fund and start multichain farming

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