Thoreum Multichain Venture Capital

Thoreum = Defi 3.0 with ever-increasing scarcity & utilities.

THOREUM v2 is a Multichain Venture Capital that rewards its HOLDers by leveraging multi-chain investment opportunities. With impressive tokenomics, in the last 6 months Thoreum has been accumulating more than $4 Millions USD, and with THOREUM v2, we will maximize profits from this fund by investing in multiple chains and returning the profits to $Thoreum holders.

Defi 3.0 is booming everywhere and everyday there are some chances some where for you to create exponential income! But Defi 3.0 also has a complex barrier to enter and requires a thorough knowledge to benefit from.

THOREUM is here to make it easier for everyone to earn highly passive income through the best yield farms and the most profitable Defi projects on multi-chain, without facing any complexities.

Simply hold $THOREUM tokens in your wallet and earn passive income in BUSD - a regulated stable coin peg 1-1 to US Dollar, or compound it tax-free to get more shares in the THOREUM ecosystem.

Let THOREUM invest cross multiple chains and ramp up your finances, while you easily accumulate BUSD and grow your wealth.

Accumulating Wealth Has Never Been This Simple!

THOREUM Wealth Accumulating Mechanism

👉Each $Thoreum token represents a share in the profits of Thoreum Multichain Venture Capital.

👉Every time user sell & buy, 6.5% tax is distributed to existing holders in BUSD and 6.5% tax is accumulated in the Thoreum Treasury.

👉 The treasury fund is bridged to different chains and invest in most promising projects ( new tokens, NFTs, Metaverses, etc.) and most profitable yield farms.

👉 The profit earned from investing in multi-chain will be used to buyback $Thoreum and distributed in multiple assets to THOREUM holders.

👉 You can just buy the tokens, relax, hold, and reap the earnings from 6.5% tax every transaction & from the buybacks of farming rewards.

✅ Supply Shock Mechanism:

3.5% is burnt every buy&sell. This results in a super fast $Thoreum burn rate.

Because $Thoreum is burned every transaction, its total supply will constantly be deflating against the holder balance, while holder balance is getting the rewards from each transaction and constantly increasing against Thoreum's ever-deflating supply. This built-in mechanism creates a true supply shock to Thoreum token as it becomes ever scarcer with time & volume.

✅ Ever-increasing utilities:

Staking: THOREUM is the world first and only token of its kind to offer double staking rewards using our special "Thunder Boost" pools: Place THOREUM in one of the "Thunder Boost" earning pools to earn 3rd-party tokens such as BNB, BUSD, MVC, EpicHero, etc... But the special is here: even now THOREUM is not in your wallet you still continuing to collect your reflection rewards as if the coin is still in your wallet, plus you continue to earn the staking rewards.

NFT Gaming: Thoreum is used in EPICHERO 3D NFT Metaverse - Top 1 Most viewed and Trending Games on - as a currency for items, skills, etc.

✅ Driving up scarcity & utilities is the most important task for Thoreum long term's value. With 56,000+ holders and a proven and innovative team behind, expect more utilities/games/metaverse will be rolled out that use Thoreum as part of its mechanism.

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