Migration log

Dear Thoreons,

As swapping is going well, we are going to the next step of migration, which is taking out ThorThunder's BNB buy using the buyback&burn function of the contract to burn the Thoreumv1 we got from migration contract.

We have taken a snapshot of the number of THOREUM & BNB in the Pancakeswap LP https://bscscan.com/address/0xe859b6a32d953a0ece0027c0fc8575571862c0bb#readContract

There is 55,610,458.16418 THOREUM and 1397.96345 BNB

Because the LP is locked for 10 years, we cannot remove it and bring it to Thoreum v2.

So we will try to get as maximum as possible the BNB from this LP by selling the swapped Thoreumv1 and use this BNB to create liquidity with ThoreumV2.

After the liquidity creation, the price of Thoreum v2 will be x100 price of Thoreumv1 now ($0.012493). So the price of 1 Thoreum V2 will be ~1.2493 USD (if price of BNB stay the same as of now as $492.2797 USD/BNB). Please note that this price may be lower or higher because it's tied to BNB.

Liquidity THOREUMv2-BNB Created with 556,112 THOREUMv2 and 1397.96345 BNB created and locked (please refer to this post https://t.me/ThoreumOfficialChannel/1044 to see we have used the exact amount of old Thoreumv1 liquidity to create new liquidity)


Happy migrating!

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